How To Live a Happy Life

Here are 6 secrets to a happy life


  • Work as hard as you can; True rewards are earned. Whether at your job or in your private life, always work as hard as you can. The more effort you put in the better the results you get.


  • Accept what you cannot change; a lot of things happen in our lives and we don’t process them fast enough to let them go. If you realize you are powerless to change a situation, don’t live in denial.


  • Try something new every day; if you try something new every day however small, you’d have new experiences to smile about.


  • Make a bucket list; Spare some time and come up with a bucket list. Have a list of all the crazy ideas and dreams you want to achieve. Be loyal to that list and constantly tick off accomplished items.


  • Keep a small circle of trusted friends; the biggest disappointments we get in life are from people. If you trust too many people, your disappointments will be a lot more. Therefore, have a small circle of friends you know you can trust, count on and spend your precious time with.


  • Take pictures; Pictures capture the moment. Whenever you have an adventure, pose for a picture and capture that moment. Nothing comes close to the genuine excitement of finding an old picture of a moment you utterly enjoyed.