How to Score a One Night Stand in Kampala

Listen; you must be willing to spend a little bit.


Step 1:

Dress nicely and apply a sweet scented perfume.

Step 2:

Go to a nice bar and take a seat by the counter.

Step 3:

Order a somewhat sophisticated drink. In this case, a foreign beer.

Step 4:

Scout the bar for a lady of interest.

Step 5:

Find a conversation starter i.e. her nice shoes, her nice dress etc…

Step 6:

Walk up to her and start that conversation complementing that conversation started you spotted earlier.

Step 7: part 1

If you get her attention, ask her to dance.

part 2

If you don’t get her get her attention, my brother ah beg!!! Things have jammed. Accept defeat.

Step 8: Final step

Always remember that getting lucky entirely depends on luck. So good luck.