How To Earn That Promotion at Work

Work Smart


Working hard is a thing, working smart is a whole different thing. Working smart usually gets the work done faster, more efficiently and it makes one more organized.

Go an extra mile

You don’t have to only do the work allocated to you, if there is more work that you can help with, go for it. It will increase your knowledge scope and your experience.

Be a team player

skupaj smo mocnejsi

When a workmate needs a hand, as long as you are in position to, always assist them. Helping others accomplish tasks makes you an all-round character and prepares you for that promotion.

Complain less

Even if the work load seems like it’s too much, complain less. Find a way of dealing with it. Be that person that manages your work and complains less. Instead of complaining, talk about it and find solutions.

Be up for the challenge


If there is a new task, be willing to give it a go. Through these experiences you earn the respect of the team and it helps you be the obvious best qualified choice for that promotion.