How To Prepare For a Concert

Going to a concert is a hyped activity that a lot of people look forward to. It is a social gathering where your favorite artist will be performing and on top of the good music you get to have all the buzz for the days after.


However we have a challenge when it comes to how we (Ugandans) prepare for concerts. The root of this is some of the artists we have. Someone has one hit and they suddenly think they can fill up a concert hall. The revelers that may turn up will be entertained on covers from other artist’s songs. Then eventually as the climax of the show the artist performs that one hit.

Let’s focus on cases where an artist has a career and a couple of jams to perform. How do you prepare for such a concert?

  • Prior to the concert, download, buy, collect almost all their music and a week to the concert get familiar with their sound. Listen to everything they have put out especially all the hits.
  • Learn the lyrics to your favorite songs. You don’t have to download them and sing along. Playing a song multiple times should instinctively make you learn the basic lyrics. While at the concert, if they play one of those songs and you can sing along, it will be a much better experience for you.
  • Have an item that is symbolic to the artist. It could be a t shirt, a banner, a placard or a symbol for one of their songs. This generally puts in concert mood.