How to Never Get Friend-zoned Again

Friend-zone is a territory where no man or woman wants to be sent. For most actually, war zone is safer than friend zone and they avoid it like a disease. Friend-zone simply means you’ll never get some no matter what you do.


However you can avoid it.

Step 1.

Approach every relationship with the opposite sex with clear intentions. If you want sex, don’t say it on day one, but there are signs and actions to make it clear that you are only here for the sex.

Step 2.

Make sure you understand who you are dealing with and what their stand on relationhips and sex is.

Step 3.

Don’t be there all the time. It’s what friends do and you are not trying to be a friend, you want some. So be occasionally available.

Step 4.

If you trust you sex game, make it clear that it will be an experience worth risking if they slept with you. Don’t brag, just state it as a fact and let it be.

Step 5.

Have options. If you stick around too much pleading for the same person they’ll friend zone you just to enjoy the begging.

Finally, Step 6

Maximize opportunity. If the other person gives in, make it worth their while. Put up the best performance of your life to keep them coming back.