How To Make Her Remember You

Men love to be memorable, but it is not easy. Women are generally hard to impress and even harder to understand. This should not worry you though, we have a few ideas on how to make her remember you.

Treat her a Queen

Women love to be pampered. Why not just do that for her? Be a gentleman, pull her chair for her, open the car door for her, let her go first when you walk into a place. If she feels like a queen, the king will definitely be remembered.

Make her laugh

It’s no secret that hilarious guys always win. Be funny, make her laugh. Let your jokes flow naturally. Don’t fake it, she’ll notice.

Give her the best sex of her life

Good sex, that one good thing that will keep her coming back. Researchers have likened sex addiction to drug addiction. Give it to her right and she’ll make you a top memory.

Give her undivided attention

If you have eyes for her only, you will give her that thing that women crave for – undivided attention. Listen to her when she speaks, pay attention and remember to constantly compliment her.


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