5 Things You Should Do In Kampala Before 2017

2016 is coming to an end and if you look back and it has been a plain year for you, then you might want to consider this list.

Attend a concert


Mi Casa, Mafikizolo and a few others have all come and gone. They put up great shows and they left the crowds yearning for more. Well before the year ends, make sure you attend a concert. One major one is around the corner, Wizkid on December 3rd.

Use Uber


No one drives on nights out anymore, unless you live very veryyy far. Otherwise the convenient trendy way to travel now is with your own Chauffeur in an Uber. It launched this year and saved us from Kawunyemu as we are driven by sober drivers after crazy nights out.

Attend a festival


Festivals have been the thing this year, KCCA festival, Oktober Fest, Pizza Festival etc… If you haven’t been to one, watch your calendar closely and attend the next Festival in town.

Make a new friend


You can never have too many friends, make a new one before the year ends. You’ll be amazed what that friendship could breed.

Participate in a challenge


Kabulengane Challenge, Museveni Challenge, Njogereza Challenge… but you have done none this year! Before the year ends, be part of the next challenge.