Kampala Life ‘Snapchatters’ Are You Ready For Snapchat Spectacles?

The team at Snapchat has just unveiled their latest innovation in the snapchatting game and we are skeptical about this one. Although it has pulled in acceptable numbers on it’s debut, it’s global success is yet to be determined.

Snapchat Spectacles are upon us and Kampala Life snapchatters could soon jump on this train. Remember selfie sticks? Well, this is the next craze.


Snapchat Spectacles cost $130 that’s about UGX. 430,000 and come with built-in camera. Their special name is “Snapbots.”

How they Work:


  • You pair them with your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth. Just point them at the QR code on your phone and pair.
  • Then you give them a name. Once that’s done, put them on, tap the button, and it records 10 seconds of video. The LED lights spin while you’re recording. HD video requires you to set up wifi to import.


Let’s wait and see if these will be a hit in Kampala as well. Predictably, they will be. Even hover-boards were a hit despite the ridiculous prices.