Uganda’s top Song writer  Saxess Busulwa aka ‘The Lyrical Mathematician’ has been confirmed Dead after a failed Abdominal Operation.

According to reports, he passed away at Rubaga Hospital after a failed operation to save him from the complications he had started developing recently due to a severe accident he was involved in over a few years ago.

Saxess was one of the most SAVE UGANDAN MUSIC advocates and currently has been running a peaceful campaign with  Uganda Police called “Mayumba Kumi’ which was intended on keeping a close watch of your neighbourhood.

Throughout his career, he has written a good number of Hit songs of which some include Gold digger by Jackie Candiru, Eddiba by Julian Kanyomozi, Fire tonight by REMA, Butterfly by Nameless, Mbamalawo by Navio, Yamuna by TUFF B, Bwooba sexy by Grace Nakimera, Deejay by Iryn Namubiru, Eno Jenina by Kapalaga, Awo by Leila Kayoed, Ntandiika by Grace Nakimera, Kenkututte by Lyton Namubiru, Amazing by Leila Kayondo among others.

“May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace”

The only surviving civilian Afande

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