One of the Fast rising female new kids on the block Yvonne Mulugi aka Yvonne has put it clear through a wordy message to all people who along her way may intend to use her so as to help her hit the next stage.

In a Facebook post she didn’t mention with which people she could have had the experience but maintains only her voice will mold her to the Apex. She further advised fellow young ladies with a vision to keep their dignity and not trade it for anything

She posted “… Some will try bringing you down simply because they were unable to use you sexually. Keeping your dignity as a woman is far more important than trading your body to a PIG!!!! Stay true, be positive and don’t be too desperate, if it’s not today simply bare it in your mind that it’s not your time yet! No one can broke a great talent and a woman who is beautiful and intelligent can stand out in anywhere in the world! Girls say NO to sexual harassment and let’s kick these BIG Pig’s asses.”

Yvonne has done songs like Never knew that has been making rounds on air waves on TV. She now has a new song NAWE.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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