It was during a radio interview on Dembe FM on a show hosted by the proclaimed queen of Bumz Bina Beibe when she begged singer Eddy Kenzo for a kiss and before she headed for the big fish, she pulled out her phone and first took a selfie of a peck.

Robina Mbabazi Mulera aka Bina Beibe is a radio presenter of a love talk show on Dembe and she had hosted Eddy Kenzo to talk about his show going down today (16th December at Jahazi Prier Munyonyo when the temptations over powered her.

Bina is a married woman and Eddy kenzo is also a comminted fiance to singer Rema Namakula even though the two have really been having very tough times together to en extent of Kenzo leaving his mansion and started renting a house somewhere else.

Eddy Kenzo will be having his “Eno Jubilation Concert” show today at  Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo. Tickets to the concert are going for 20K (ordinary) and 50K(VIP) .

The only surviving civilian Afande

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