Singer Nwagi and Her Ex Joshua

The “Kano koze” singer Winnie Nwagi and her fellow singing boyfriend Joshua Czar’bu have reportedly broken up. According to her Snapchat updates, the singer claims she has been physically abused. She further claims that her lover was not meeting his due responsibility; paying the bills!

According to Nwagi’s snapchat thread, its seems like Joshua has been a silent, violent and very dangerous man.

“It’s been a miserable relationship. relieved from it now…Thank God,” Winnie said on Snapchat. The “Musawo hitmaker also reveals that Joshua, unlike public expectations, doesn’t pay any bills at home.

” Can’t continue with this unappreciative broke ass,” Winnie said.

As the two part ways, Nwagi urged fellow ladies that, ” Never rush to move in with a man that can’t pay any bills. She further advised women to keep away from quiet men whom she described as “very dangerous men”.

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