Hamisa Mobetto who is commonly known in Uganda as Diamond Platinum’s side dish and her ‘Beef’ with Zari Hassan jetted in the country earlier today at Entebbe International Airport ahead of the Gal Power Party hosted by Don Zella.

Despite people knowing her for all the wrong reasons, here is her brief biography.

Hamisa Mubetto is an international Model and a proud mother. She was born in Tanzania, Mwanza Region in 1994. Her modelling career started when she won on the even of Miss XXL back to school bash in the year 2010 that was prepared by XXL crew of Clouds Radio Media.

In 2011 Hamisa Mobetto participated on Miss Indian Ocean 2011, on that event she succeeded by becoming Miss Indian Ocean Number 2.

In the same Year of 2011 she became Miss Kinondoni Number 2, which Made her to go direct to competition of Miss Tanzania 2011.

In 2012 Hamisa Mobetto participate on Miss university Africa, and she succeeded to enter up to top 10. Since then her modelling journey has always been growing to its Apex.

The ‘Gal Power Party’ will be taking place tomorrow at Club Play and will be hosted by kampala’s female Don Naloongo Zella.

Here are some of the pics as Mobetto was welcomed at Entebbe Airport.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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