Socialite Zari Hassan who is apparently out of the country but planning on the final stages of her All White Party poured out her heart as she narrated most of her relationship secrets with her Late Husband Ivan Ssemwanga  while speaking on Sanyu FM’s Hit Selector.

” Ivan was not really a bad guy. I think he was so obsessed. He was really obsessed with me. I went to some point that it went physical then nasty physical. It came to a point where I had to decide whether I was going to stay in that kind of life. I really tried to work on it.  The many times I would book a counsellor  he would pay but fail to turn up. I tried another person, he had our families, elders, coming together”, Zari revealed.

Zari went on to state that people were quick to judge her and call her all sorts of names after moving on and dating a number of guys here and there. She stated that she would not just walk out over easy matters.

“People always judge. People are quick to judge. I was the one trying to keep this relationship together. We had our life going. I stayed in a very abusive relationship until I was like no, I cannot continue. It reached a point, when he would say, if you wanna leave you will have to go through the balcony and literally, he would face me down the balcony”, Zari confirmed .

She further revealed that by the time of the death of her late husband, they enjoyed a friendly relationship.

“It was a very hard time but with time comes healing and forgiving. When he was passing on, we were really good friends. I would joke about the girls he is dating. He would joke about Diamond”, she stated.

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