Aziz Mawanda the young man who was dating a woman 51 years older than him is grassing and now seeks financial help from any well wisher out there and Government for help.

Aziz Mawanda, has for days gone without food and he is battling a disease similar to Elephantiasis as his legs are swelling by the day.

Asked where he was staying, Aziz, 19, stated that he was residing in a six-bed-roomed house in Munyonyo, where they were to stay with his 70-year-old lover, but after being dumped, he was left in the house with no food. Rent had been paid for a full year, but with the year coming to an end, the young man is worried that he could be thrown out.

Aziz also adds that if his actions hurt anyone, he is sorry and asks to be forgiven. He recalled the words that he used to tell off the Head of Imams, Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata who was among those that condemned their relationship, he just went on his knees and apologized to him.

The young man who seems to be suffering from drug abuse related problems did not forget to advise the youths out there to pursue their education as there are no short cuts in life.

He is now contemplating on going to South Africa to make ends meet and hopes the government will help him.

His now ex-lover, Lisa Larsson, was expected this festive season, but when she did not show up for Christmas, Aziz, who is currently staying in an affluent part of the country is worried he could be going back to the ghetto anytime soon, thus dashing to the media to cry out for help.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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