The rate at which people are proposing to their lovers more so in this January is so alarming.

Some have been calling it taking use of opportunity for the hardships of January, as others have been seen calling it Pure Love that had to taste its limits when the Uganda based man had to kneel down to propose to his girlfriend the moment she came back into the country.

It is said that Deborah Nsereko was out of the country for some good years since she had gone out to work and find better pastures but upon her longtime work (Kyeyo) she fell in love with a guy back home and as their love has been at its peak, she decided to come back home only to get a big surprise at the airport.

Dorothy told her boyfriend that she was coming back but little did she expect him to show up at the airport only for her to come out of the arrivals with family members and friends waiting for her and as she was going through transit, there was the boyfriend waiting with a ring to propose to her and of course she said yes just before him.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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