Musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso might be back on the single’s shelf  after having ascertained that his baby mama is dropping the singer for an American Nigga.

The mother of his only daughter Dinari Mayanja, American Nicole Hayman is said to have been living a desperate life ever since her Ugandan husband return to the Pearl of Africa to take over his musical career that started breaking up the family apart since her conjugal rights were also demanding.

Pallaso’s wife with her newly found lover

This is really disappointing news for the ‘Mama’ and ‘Soma’ hit maker Pallaso who had devoted most of his entire time in studio last year so as to revive his fading music career despite the fact that he registered a flopped ‘Soma’ music concert in 2017.

It has been established that Nicole Mayanja hooked up an American nigga known as Brandon Sowers and the pair really had a romantic vacation in the states during the festive period as she minded less about singer Pallaso Mayanja.

According to our credible sources, Nicole Mayanja has on several times pleaded with her husband to revise some time for her in relation to music since she had a lot of affection for the singer but Pallaso’s turned a deaf ear hence his arrogance is then costing him a family that will be had to regain if all factors remain constant.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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