Now forget about the January crisis saga, it’s like this is no more about it but how people feel about their relationships.

News reaching us indicates that a Ugandan gay man, Trust Alinda  who fled to the United Kingdom from homophobic laws within Uganda proposed to his same-sex long-time lover.

Trust Alinda and Arafat Kawooya

Trust Alinda, couldn’t carry on with the burden of romantic feelings he always had for his lover, Arafat Kawooya thus stamping his engagement ring on the latter on Tuesday 2nd January 2017 in the UK capital, London.

Since the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality act into law, same-sex relationships have been on the spotlight as the Ugandan LGBTQ community resort to foreign countries like the United Kingdom and United States to seek for asylum so as to go on with their life freely.

As a sign of his dedication to stick by his lover, Alinda professed verbally to the love of his life Kawooya promising to keep the flames burning as they carry on their intimate relationship.

“U asked me to marry you and I said yes! From that day on, u made me the happiest man ever in the world. The paths sometimes change and fight to divert them but we act in a way that sometimes can’t you make me and you’ll need to see me every morning and give u the first kiss of the day. Sleeping in each other’s arms and not even for a second. Get to the house en see u waiting for me in bed. Honestly u have Made me the most important man in the world en than k you love, “ asserted Trust Alinda.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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