Ugandan city socialite Nalongo Sheila Don Zella alias Sheila Nadege is threatening to sue the Serena based NTV Uganda and its sister station Spark TV for breach of contract that allegedly led the old lady into a big financial loss.

Nalongo Don Zella through her events promotions company Zella Events affirms paying up Spark TV to air her ‘Gal Power’ showbiz party that was slated for 21st of December 2017 at the Club, a duty that was violated by the TV station in favor of her enemy Zari’s ‘All White Party’ at Club Guvnor.

It has come to our notice that on Tuesday 2nd January 2017, Zella Events through their law firm Bolondemu&Co. Advocates served the media houses with an intention to sue notice with an ultimatum of a week’s time to refund their dimes worth billions that resulted from the financial loss they incurred or meet the later in the courts of law to battle it out.

It must be notice that Spark TV had signed a contract with the ‘Gal Power’ CEO to air her annual show down at Club Play but violated the contract and opted for Zari’s ‘All White Party’ despite the fact that both events were aired live consecutively on Spark TV with the Boss Lady’s showbiz party given more coverage.

Socialite Don Zella later shared her discontent with Spark TV saying that the station had breached the contract they signed for exclusive coverage of her event.

“Spark TV, you are the main sponsor of this event but it’s so disappointing you have breached my contract, “said SOCIALITE Sheila Don Zella.

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