Meanwhile as everyone is fighting with the January financial constraints, Politicians are still enjoying a soft ride in 2018 and when it comes to NRM Mps the talk shifts to the recent allegations that they were all paid off with 300 millions to support the Age limit.

Singer Judith Babirye who joined politics a few years ago, she probably had done her homework pretty well and it is handsomely paying off. The legislator recently bought a building in Kyaliwajjala along Lukadde road, behind Vienna College.

The apartment block has more than 10 units. While incomplete, sources say the block cost about Shs800m.  They were incomplete, but since she took over the construction has not stalled a bit! In NRM circles, she is said to be enjoying a close relationship with the First Lady and close sources allege that the money used was part of the “Kogikwatako” pay off.

We will keep you posted.

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