Ugandan musician Lillian Mbabazi formerly a member in the dynamic Blue 3 music group that ceased to exist and was one of the featured artists in the second season of “Coke Studio Africa” come out frankly to inform all men willing to match with her personal demands to file in an application since she is still single and open to a relationship.

Ever since Lillian was dumped by fellow musician Mowzey Radio who fathers two children with her, the singer has since moved one with her sole life as a mother and it has clocked two years since she last saw a man dirtying her bed sheets and taking her to the moon.

In a close interview with media personality Karitas Karisimbi on “The Chatroom Uganda” a celebrity show dealing with women affairs on NBSTV every Thursday, Lillian was questioned about her anticipations after falling in love with Mowzey Radio, the singer asserted that she loved that much the ‘Neera’ hit maker and were focused at making and raising up healthy children that would make them proud parents.

However she made it clear that the romance was so abusive and as a woman she had to persevere the persecution by her husband for the case of her children.

“The truth is that we loved each other and our children were actually born because of that bond me and Moses shared for this long otherwise I don’t know if I would have loved to stay there and have more children with him, NO!, “said singer Lilian Mbabazi.

She further opened up the truth to the public that she is now a single mother who is searching and would be free to fall in for an engagement but currently concentrating on music and her family at the moment.

“I have been single for two years and open to a relationship or marriage but I’m really concentrating on music and my children right now, “asserted.

The ‘Memories’ singer and Mowzey Radio are blessed with two beautiful children Asante and Zuba and despite of the differences in their ideologies, they are bonded by their biological blood.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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