When was still Good lyfe existing

With just a few days in the new year, the music industry has already been set ablaze with beef between top artists and those who claim to be on top.

It all started after Bebe Cool gave his opinion about the Ugandan music industry in 2017 by compiling and releasing a list of those who deserve credit.  Several artists have come up to react furious on why he never included them on his list. Among these include Big talent CEO Eddy Kenzo and now Goodlyfe Weasle.

                                        Bebe Cool’s list of Artists

Most Ugandan artists have directly and indirectly declared a war about their comrade Bebe Cool. At first, it was Eddy Kenzo who came out and attacked Bebe Cool on media and 100.2 Galaxy FM saying that The ‘Katono’ maker did his list to disrespect and discredit other artists like him , Jose Chameleone, Radio & Weasle among other good artists.

[/media-credit] Bebe Cool Performs at the UG dance party.

And the battle field is between Weasle and Bebe Cool;

‘Bebe Cool is in 50s so he should move with his generation like what Moses Matovu did, according to his age, he is not supposed to sing songs like Katono, unless or otherwise , he is relating his age to new generation artists like Fic Famaica. I would like to advise Mr. Ssali to quit Music and invest in Cake business with his wife Zuena. “Mpulira Cake Zabwe ziwoma’ Weasle remakes.


The only surviving civilian Afande

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