Diamond Platinum’s Mum also known as Sandra was under the microscope when her fans realized that she is biased when it comes the showing love to her Grand Children. This was after when it was clearly noted that she never posts photos of her other grandchild Dylan, also Hamisa’s son.

The furious grandma bashed any haters who claimed and a feeling that her intentions were meant to belittle Hamisa or her offspring. For a long time Zari and her co-wife have not been on good terms and this has seen the two exchanging heavy words on their respective platforms.

“My account is my property and no one is going to tell me how to operate it,” she wrote.

In no minced words, she stated that as long as she had control of her account, she was going to flaunt Diamond and Zari’s love despite all the judgement she received. She also reiterated that no one was at liberty to try and dictate to her how she was supposed to manage her Instagram profile.

“Whenever I post photos of my children Zari and Diamond, I do not do it to hit at people who hate us, I do it to highlight their love,” she penned.

She also stated that she deeply loved her grandchildren Nillan and Tiffah Dangote and her posts were dedicated to the little ones.

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