Bobi Wine.

Singer turned Politician Sentamu Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has come out and opened about the on-going social media brawls that stated with Bebe Cool & Kenzo and now to A Pass and Geosteady.

He uttered this when he was trying to preach unity and togetherness not only in the music industry but also amongst the Ugandan people and he asked for peace especially between the two artistes that they should stop the ‘nonsensical’ social media attacks they are just back pulling the industry instead of pushing it far front.

 “I used to do those fights when I still had young mind but right now I am grown up” Bobi Wine explained.

He moved on to call for calmness and said that “we don’t need fights; we want unity that’s when we shall help our beloved country to go forward. We all know the biggest problem in Uganda right now, we need to unite” Bobi Wine added. As he pushed his point further, he asserted that if we keep attacking each other it is meaningless.

“So if we keep on insulting, abusing and attacking one another that’s meaningless to us it is just taking us backwards” He concluded.

Ugandan Music Industry has always been be known for beefs but I think its high time we pledged for peace and let music speak. Music is not supposed to be used as war Zone but a platform to preach unity and mending broken hearts.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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