With just a week of the stable relationship between the two (Dorothy and Herbert), now old photos and a private bedroom video of Dorothy Shonga has been leaked by unknown people on the internet and it is currently still making rounds allover the internet.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga came into the limelight in late 2016 after they started splashing money and spending luxurious days traveling after their engagement party and to headline more tabloids, they topped it up with a very expensive wedding hence becoming a society concern.

In the beginning it was private bedroom photos that were released by unknown people with yet to be identified reasons who released the Photos showing Dorothy busy in a room making romantic moves to a certain guy who happens not be her husband Herbert but rather someone else.

Dorothy Shonga with another guy after their session.

Our snoops tried getting in touch with Dorothy to comment about the photos but all their effort fell on a hard stone until when they contacted her Husband Herbert who explained that the leaked photos are actually not real as they were photo-shopped by a jealousy woman back in 2015 who wanted Dorothy to leave her husband so she instead photo-shopped Dorothy with her guy in order to blackmail her.

It should be remembered that it was Herbert Shonga who first cheated on Dorothy Shonga just a few weeks ago and during the process of going through the whole scandal the two had to break up even though our snoops were later on alerted that the two got back together but now this latest blow has taken things to the next level.

Now that things are all fired up, a new video has emerged all over social media especially WhatsApp and Snapchat showing Dorothy in bed feeling her body and romancing it just before she pulls off the pink knicker to release the Kitone fully for the camera.

Dorothy is a Mother and a business woman with multiple businesses in different country but of course we can’t tell why she had to go through all the hustle of making such a video and most so risking it to the extent of being watched.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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