Meanwhile A Pass and Geosteady are the latest to join the war of words among musicians originating from singer Bebe cool’s list of the best performing artists 2017.

A Pass confronted  Geosteady Blackman the ‘Tokendeeza’ hit maker after he announced on Monday 8th January 2018  requesting musicians Alex Bagonza and Eddy Kenzo to accept his proposal to battle them out together in a music concert this year at the Lugogo cricket Oval.

According to Geoffrey Kigozi alias Geosteady, he wants to combine the two artists for a music battle so as to prove to them that they need a lot to work on as far as their music careers is concerned rather than attacking Big Size Bebe Cool for failing to recognise their sweat of 2017 as some of the figures that put up some good projects worth consumption.

A Pass has not let singer Geosteady’s proposal for a battle go unanswered thus responding to the ‘Owooma’ hit singer to mind about his level since he isn’t yet an artist to battle him musically.

 “Geosteady Blackman you can’t ask to battle me, I can’t battle with a small little fat man. You are not my level go and battle with Barbie J not me nze gyakutagula tagula little man. The people you need to battle are those who can’t read and write plus those who don’t know English not me. By the way little Geo, who tricked you into thinking nti onsobola…weddeko mukwano I’m warning you Viola aka Geosteady short man,” singer A Pass.

We are yet to ascertain from the music critics between artists A Pass and Geosteady who is really bigger and most talented as far as music is concerned.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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