Struggling Musician Aziz Azion who also doubles as a Guitarist has already set up his 2018 resolutions of which the first one on the list is his long-time desired dream “Acquiring a Six Packed body”

Aziz Azion has opted to hit the gym and swimming lessons so as to attain the very toned abdominal muscles aka six packs.

It is well known that men have consistently become body conscience under the guise of a six pack and perfect muscles with an illusion that it’s the only way of ambushing horny ladies and enjoy their bean.

The ‘ Wakikuba’ hit singer has opted to seek his first lady’s assistance ‘Deyby Wadsen’ with swimming lessons to so to reach his desired dream that he is optimistic to achieve within months.

We just wish our brother well for his dream to come true.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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