There has been an on-going battle on Social media between singers Bebe Cool and A Pass but it’s all finally coming to an end.  It was during the Spark TV Live Show called Koona which is hosted by Miles Rwamiti where A Pass agreed that Bebe Cool is older than him so he respects him.

Even though Alex Bagonza aka A Pass failed to accept that Bebe Cool is bigger than him musically, atleast he agreed that he is older than him and been in the industry longer than him.

“I started listening and supporting Bebe Cool in 2003, i met Bebe Cool in 2014 but i respect him and accept that he knows better than me,” asserted A Pass.

He also went ahead and bragged that when it comes to English, he knows better and when it comes to writing and producing good ragga music, he is still better than Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool who appeared on Spark Tv  left all the viewers wondering why he was parading cakes from Zuena Events but we who know him well that wasn’t a surprise.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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