It is undoubtedly the reality that reggae artiste Bruno K is one of the hottest male artistes we have in the music industry and of course some issues like women crushing on him are imminent.

And these male artistes expect it that they must be crushed on although most of the women don’t get the chances of getting to them rather than expressing their feelings towards them using other means.

The whole story revolves on these street slay queens who come out and confess loudly on social media how they crush on these artistes although we don’t know whether they later become successful in landing them in their wetlands.

And Bruno K has come out to respond to this slay queen called Kylie Stargyal who cried out to either Allan Toniks or Bruno K himself that is they could allow, she would be in a stable relationship with them.

“If wishes could come true I would be in a stable relationship with either Allan Toniks or Bruno K by now” Kylie cried out and this had to attract the attention of Bruno K to come and assure her how he doesn’t have anything to do for such ladies crushing on as his heart is already stolen by someone he didn’t mention.

“I wish I could help out these ladies but am already in love and my heart was stolen” he made it straight and we now know that Kylie must be suffering a broken heart with broken wishes. Sorry!

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