The scarcity of  good husbands in Uganda can only be related to the number of NRM MP’s against the Age limit bill that was recently passed into law. Well forget about politics since its less of our concern.

This new year has sparked off in a higher gear in all aspects of life and so far already sinful and shameful acts have emerged of from Eastern Uganda where a man was caught cheating on his wife in Tripple Zero guest house.

A man whose identity has been withheld for security purposes has been cheating on his wife in Namatala Mbale district. When close friends tipped off his wife, she took the talks not serious but promised to use local traditional healers to net him.

However, in the morning hours earlier today the ’40days of the thief’ came to the end when the guest house staff went on room cleaning duty and discovered a man stuck in his female bonkmate. The Guest house management was alerted and bouncers called for rescue but all in vain till he was taken to the nearest traditional healer.

Meanwhile, the wife to the victim has vowed to let the two who were stuck and intact in each others sexual organ to serve as a warning and lesson to the rest of the cheating spouses.

Well trust me Men will always be men since the guy denied it all saying ‘mbu’ he wasn’t cheating but they were together on a boda and got stuck after an accident where a FUSO nearly rammed into them.

Meanwhile other men are praying to God to get such accidents.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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