City Tycoon Bryan White who recently got out of jail on Bail without being affected by the January effect but with a lot of Libido since he was being denied his conjugal rights in prison has started off proving his manhood quality.

The latest we have for you is that socialite Brownsuga and her long term hubby Musisi Mahady are no longer together because of the tiny dollar boy Bryan White.

Connie Brownsuga is the CEO the Black and White events series and she won her own name through that and she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Musisi but as we talk, they are no more after Musisi himself finding out that that Brian White has been drilling Brownsuga’s oils for a long time yet they are in a serious relationship.

Brownsuga has also confirmed that she already crossed the bridge of the shaky pockets man and now she is counting green colored dollars.

We have confirmed this through Musisi’s facebook post where he said that he is single from now and on and people should not ask him why. We further landed on the pictures of Brownsuga and Bryan White kissing in a parking lot and a comment Brownsuga made on Brian Whites’ live video cast on Facebook was a stroke that broke the camel’s bone as it read like “the heart wants what the heart wants” literally meaning that her heart desired money of which Brian has it and Brian loves her. Let us watch the space again.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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