Jenkins Mukasa, one of the pundits on Dembe FM’s Talk and Talk show is not a music critic by mistake. Mukasa has been in the music Industry since he was a thin lad until he gained weight, thanks to the music Industry that was not competitive by then.

Mukasa’s last song was released about 7 or 6 years ago but whatever his goals in life are, he might be back in the music Industry.

Two days ago, Jenkins Mukasa released a reggae song titled Tugende. The Audio and the video of the song were released at the same time and it caught Ugandans by surprise.

We are yet to find out why he is doing music in this competitive Industry with young and vibrant artistes who are giving the big dogs in the Industry a run for their money.

Sometime last week, Kasuku who is a good friend to Jenkins posted on his social media page telling people to go online and buy Jenkins Mukasa’s music. It didn’t go well with Kasuku when his followers decided to comment on the post. “It is January, we are broke and see what you are telling us to buy…Jenkins Mukasa’s music?’’ a Facebook user posted, others just threw insults saying Mukasa cannot sing.

With all that said, let’s give Mukasa a month and see if Tugende will find a seat in the top 30 songs that have opened 2018.

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