Tanzanian sweetheart and rumoured side chic to Diamond, Sebastian Tunda on Thursday, January 18 cleared her name stating that she wasn’t Chibu’s mistress.

She stated that she was tired of having to clear her name time and again over claims that she’s sleeping with Diamond the Bongo Star.

An infuriated Tunda said that she respected Diamond a lot and had a lot of love for every WCB artiste.

She also explained that the only reason she hangs around Chibu is because she is one of his biggest fans. The beauty did not forget to point out that she is not and has never been pregnant with the musician’s baby.

“I am tired of discussing this issue, Diamond and I are not dating. This is the fourth time I have said this,” she said.

“Diamond is one person I respect a lot and I am a great fan of everyone on WCB that’s why I always lean towards their side. I respect Naseeb and love him and to conclude, I am not pregnant!” She continued.

Meanwhile now Zari Hassan can have some sleep since the number of Diamonds side dishes has reduced.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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