Zanie Brown is a female artist from Uganda who was born on March 8. She is one of the most talented and promising vocalists is Uganda and has won Awards like Best Female Rising Star Award in the Rising Star Awards.

A few years ago reports alleged that the singer was to feature in a Ghanaian movie since Ghanaian film makers were looking for some talented Ugandan to merge with their actors from their own country. They wanted the movie to feature both a Ugandan and Ghanaian story line and singer Zanie Brown managed to scoop the deal.

Well latest from Zanie Brown is that she has not only released her new single You & I but also went ahead to pledge for peace and love among Ugandans.

According to Zanie Brown, what hurts her most is the fact that Most Ugandans don’t support their own but rather like criticizing them and bringing them down just like the recently social media wars among artists.

Here is what she posted;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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