Ykee Benda has released his list of the 20 hottest musicians who wrapped up 2017 leaving Bebe Cool’s list so questionable.

Ykee Benda’s list which seems to be balanced was released yesterday on 22nd January 2018 by the ‘Super Man’ hit maker and it includes some of the big names in the music industry that criticized Bebe cool for not recognizing their works in 2017 by dropping them from his list mention Eddy Kenzo, Goodlyfe, APass among others.

Close sources indicate that Ykee Benda released his list as a consolation to the ‘big dogs’ that were not added on Bebe’s List and got Furious.

Though he has distanced himself from being the brains behind the release of this controversial list, Ykee Benda, has cautioned artists like Bebe cool to take heart and appreciate efforts made by artistes in producing good music in a calendar year.

“Do your very best…Appreciate others…Mind your own business..And all will fall in one place,” stated singer Ykee Benda.

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