Bukedde television’s presenter Fiona Nabitengero aka Fifi da Queen who recently introduced her long term boyfriend Abdallah Nsubuga to her parent’s home in Wobulenzi is now living in fear that her relationship might not last longer after people started to hit at her and resurrecting her previous weaknesses.

Suudi Lukwago who is also known as Suudiman went on to post on his social media platform advising Fifi Da Queen to stop flirting with other men since she has decided to settle with him and introduce him to her parents rather than keeping playing her ugly games as she was used to do.

This sparked off enormous buzzing people attacking Suudi not to taint her name and he came out to defend his words and stated that for him he has known Fifi for over Fifteen years and now he was trying to advise her.

Here is what he Posted;

We are still in utter shock about why Suudi came out at this point of Fifi’s marriage but what we came to learn from close sources, Suudi must be desperate as he sees now Fifi is taken completely he may no longer access her oil wells anymore.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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