Jose Chameleone‘s beef with Bebe Cool seems not to be getting over soon as it is always ignited everyday over simple issues in the music fraternity.

Well yesterday (25th January) was singer Mowzey Radio’s 33rd Birthday but due to his condition he wasn’t able to celebrate it in a jolly way since he’s still admitted at Case Clinic where he was admitted three days ago after being beaten up by a bouncer at Entebbe based De Bar.

Many people and other stakeholders in the music industry have come up to sympathize with the singer and of course Bebe Cool also came up lately to wish him a happy birthday a ‘stunt’ which Jose Chameleone wasn’t so happy about due to his dream.

Here is what Bebe Cool posted;

For some good years now, Bebe Cool and Radio have not been at good terms but ever since Radio got admitted Bebe Cool has been trying to be supportive to a point of visiting him in the Hospital and Jose Chameleone has been silent about it all until Bebe Posted on his Facebook.

Here is Jose Chameleone’s post;

We are not very sure who is trying to take advantage of Radio’s situation to get a sympathy vote from fans and who really is trying to spread some pure love but we will keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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