However much we are coming to the end of January, Its like our very own East African finest Dr. Jose Chameleone’s bank balance can no longer let him wait anymore.

For starters the tinny tycoon came out on Friday 26th January 2018 to fulfill his promise of contributing some money towards clearing Mowzey Radio’s bills at Case Clinic hospital and he paid off UGX 25million.

After the press conference there was a drive ignited by the Boda Boda guys who were running after the new city tycoon Bryan White that was in a company of Jose Chameleone and Dj Micheal to pick up a few of the flying 20K notes.

Well our reporter managed to record Jose Chameleone red handed portraying a kiface thuggery while pick pocketing tycoon Bryan White as they were moving on a car amidst a motorcycle rally. Jose Chameleone removed a bundle of dollars from Brian’s behind pockets as he kept chasing others from accessing the tycoon.

Well watch it here and let us know what you clearly see in the video and feel free to agree or dis agree;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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