Unplugged Sn2 delivered yet another fantastic live session last night. The young and old revelers thronged Liquid Silk Nalya, and danced away their “Jan-worries” to Uganda’s oldest and biggest live crew — Afrigo Band.

From Rachael Magola to Joanita Kawalya, to Eddie Yawe and Moses Matovu, the band put up a performance that lit up the packed audience and kept revellers dancing late into the night.

Before the show kicked off, we had a brief backstage chat with Moses Matovu. The pensive leader of the 41-year-old band promised “muliro.” The meaning of this became apparent when the club got charged with oldies music.

“Sipiidi Kendeeza,” “Obangaina,” “Sikulimba, “ and ”Tukiggale” were some of the songs the band performed to an animated audience.

“Tukigaale” by Eddie Yawe was definitely the highlight of the evening. When the baritone-voiced brother of H.E Bobi Wine belted out the first few lines of this new jam, it was like fanning a flame. The crowd got charged and the most entertaining dance strokes were put on display.

Next week, Unplugged Sn 2 will be live again on Wednesday 7th February, when Angella Kalule will perform with her live band, K’Angie. Expect to be entertained.

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