Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz is one of the richest musicians in East Africa. The celebrated musician has been inducing jealousy among his peers with the kind of lifestyle he leads. Unlike most musicians in his status bracket, the singer lives large and is never afraid of showing it to the world.

Well, if you thought Diamond Platinumz was the only Tanzanian who knows how to live large and blow money, think again. The singer recently found competition in his own mother, Sandrah who proved to the world that she is a ‘baller’ despite her advanced age. The singer’s mum was recently spotted dishing out money to a musician as he performed in a Tanzanian club.

MBU understands that Sandrah was among guests who had been invited to the official launch of WCB’s Mbosso’s new jam, ‘Watakubali’.

Watch video here;

Well, it was during Mbosso’s performance when Mama Dangote herself made it to the podium and started making it rain, like a real queen. The Video of Sandra spraying notes on Mbosso attracted the attention of countless East Africans who took it to social media to caress her ego.

However, quite a number of critics picked issue with Sandrah’s action and bashed her for pulling such an inglorious stunt.

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