Jose Chameleone has vowed to silence whoever tries to stand in his way since it has become a norm for musicians to die in silence.

All this happened during Mowzey Radio’s burial ceremony that took place in Kagga Nakawuka and upon his final word about his fellow musical, Jose Chameleone  vowed to take action and get justice for  Mowzey Radio who is now dead and buried six feet underground.

Speaking to the mourners during the burial of musician Mowzey Radio, the heartbroken Chameleone warned.

“We are fade up. This is the time to warn the state that we have decided as musicians to kill who ever will risk standing in our way since we have realized the state can no longer provide security to us.” he concluded.

Mowzey Radio was the first born of Jane Kasuubo as he had a younger brother called Sekibogo Frank and it has been Radio who was taking care of both of them, paying Frank’s school fees, as he also bought a house for his mother Jane, the same place he has been buried at.


The only surviving civilian Afande

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