Promoter and event’s organizer Balaam Barugare who spear headed the burial arrangements of the fallen star Mowzey Radio has been put back to line on where he should stop and far as the family of the deceased is concerned.

Balaam Barugahare stood up with the family of the late Mowzey from the time he was in the hospital till his breathed his last and was laid to rest in his final resting place.

Balaam was the one in charge of collecting hospital money, organizing the vigil up to when the singer was laid to rest but unfortunately, after all that, Radio’s family especially his older brother Frank Sekibogo is now on Balaam’s case.

Frank has come up to claim that Balaam Barugahare used the family’s grieving moment and stole their money starting from the UGX 10Million that Bryan White gave them upto to the millions that the state gave them.

We are are not sure if the allegations are true but all we are sure of is that Balaam Barugahare came up with the accountability of how much he received and how much he spent.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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