The Gagamel boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has not only alerted the general public to donate blood but has also went ahead to lead by example.

In recent weeks, various media have been awash with stories about the dire shortage of blood at the Nakasero blood bank and the other blood collection centers across the country.

According Mr Michael Mukundane the blood donor recruitment coordinator for the central region confirmed that the country needs up to 2,000 units of blood daily. Blood donated can last up to 35 days before it expires. This means that in 35 days, 70,000 units of blood have to be consumed.

Mr Mukundane went on to reveal that between November and mid-February, there is always shortage of blood because the biggest donors, the students, are on holiday. “We normally plan in advance, that’s why there was no shortage in December,” he said.

With all the above Bebe Cool has come out and speared the task to save the country from Blood loss.  He donated and encouraged everyone to be part of the movement through his Facebook platform.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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