Hady Sengo with her daughter, and Zari Hassan.

Just a day after Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan a.k.a Zarinah Tlale denounced her relationship with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, her followers are following suit.

Hady Sengo Halliwell, the wife to Chameleone’s manager Fred ‘Zink’ Kinene, has called it quits too. She made herself clear through her social media platforms with this post;

It’s better to stay single and happy rather than in a relationship and miserable. Many of us luck the guts and strength to say its over because we fear what the public will say mbu banandaba batya, forgetting it’s you who spends sleepless nights crying, hoping and wishing you had it better. Many of us stay in miserable, unhealthy relationships and keep up appearances yet we are sad and hurting. No man is worth being sad, and miserable over. Let’s all learn to walk away with dignity and some sanity. Great decision Zari, Nange nkitadde!

Hady (middle), with friends.

Hady Halliwell is an actor in The Ebonies, a mother, a businesswoman, and a very close friend to Zarinah Tlale.

When such news reached Fred Zink, he deactivated all his social media accounts and has since declined to give his side in the issue.

Fred Zink with Jose Chameleone and D’banj.
Fred Zink with Jose Chameleone and D’banj.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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