Embattled Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz has finally opened up after he was dumped by his baby mama Zari Hassan. Taking to Instagram, Diamond shared a video of one of his proteges ,Mbosso and revealed how some lines in the song, mixed with a ‘black rose’ break his heart terribly.

Diamond also wondered whether his latest signee had foreseen his fall.

”Hayo Mashairi Chaganya na Ua Jeusi…… Dah @mbosso_ naona Kama Ulintabiria Mdogo angu‍”

Diamond wrote.

Well, as if Mbosso’s song and the ‘black rose’ were not nightmare enough for him, the singer was also hit by a classic song dubbed ‘Kuachwa’, which he also shared on his Instagram account, revealing how lyrics from such songs make it hard for people like him to survive.

Diamond even dropped a shocker on everyone after saying that the breakup hurts him so much that he fears he might not live to see March, 2018.

 ”Dah, Kuna nyimbo zingine ziliandikwaga jamani…Wadau Dua zenu Muhimu…. Maana naona kabisa mwezi wa Tatu Siuoni”

According to the socialite, she was tired of putting up with Diamond’s incessant cheating.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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