Truth be told, the unexpected announcement from Zari on a day supposed to celebrate love, took everyone by surprise. What influenced her choice of the day is yet to be fully understood, but it worked. Diamond and Zari news of break up left the industry in shock, with some fans feeling left out on the decision making process, “she could have given us a hint”.

How they met.

The celebrity affair of Zari and Diamond had its good moments. One notable moment is when the two met. Remember their flight from South Africa to Dar-es-salaam? What about switching of seats and the selfie moments on the flight? It is nostalgic, right? How the two met still has a thing to do with fate. On their flight from South Africa, Diamond Platnumz and Zari did not know their encounter could lead to four years full of action, news headlines, and an East Africa hooked to their life, waiting for the next story to talk and write about. It all began with a switch of seats on the flight, and an invite to sit next to the boss lady. One request led to the other and finally to an income generating lifestyle; we’ve all come to know. Epic? I know.

Fruits of the project.

In any setting, the birth of a child is a source of joy not only for the parents but also to the community. The situation was no different for the power couple. The father of two was swift in getting her lover pregnant, with the news of their first expectant child as a couple surfacing five months into their relationship. This was followed by Diamond and Zari wedding whose news and attendance was limited. The couple then welcomed their first child, Tiffah, into the world with love and support from fans. This could be seen through her ‘several’ hour Instagram account which had already gathered over twenty thousand followers.

Diamond and Zari baby Riaz was the second and the last of the power couple, at the moment. You never know, they may end up working things out and make more babies! Riaz, a bundle of joy packaged as a baby boy was sent to the couple on Wednesday 6th December 2016. Though the choice of name was a cause of disagreement, the couple settled for Riaz Nasib Abdul.

Well, wait for another part tomorrow.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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