Zanie Brown reading through her court summon.

Singer Zanie Brown has dragged Club Ambiance Mityana management to the courts of law for advertising her on a show she was not informed about.

It has been an issue repeatedly for some concert organizers to advertise artistes at events without informing them which usually results into property destruction at the venues, and at times the fans take the wrath to the implicated artistes. This does not go down so well with most artistes but they choose to ignore, however when it happened to Zanie Brown she reacted strongly.

A few weeks towards Valentines Day, Emma Carlos organized a Valentines show and it was to be hosted at Club Ambiance. He claimed to have booked Zanie Brown to appear and perform at the Mityana based nightclub. The build up to the show was successful with advertisements being run on different media platforms. Various artistes were advertised including the ‘Muyaaye’ singer, Zanie Brown and the show went on as planned. However, Zanie Brown did not perform and was rather infuriated when she heard that she was advertised to perform at the event. This is because she had not been paid, and even worse that nobody had informed her about the show. She immediately reached out to the organiser, Emma Carlos, who was quick to apologize but later switched off all his phones. Emma has since gone AWOL.

Emma Carlos.

To that effect, Zanie Brown took it to court stating Club Ambiance as the major culprit in the case and should take it upon themselves to find Emma Carlos and solve the matter. She wants Club Ambiance to pay for the damages caused and for tarnishing her name.

It is also said that Emma Carlos was sacked from Goodlyf after Mowzey Radio’s demise and issues of money scandals were cited.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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