Zari Hassan.

Just a week after the Zari-Diamond love story came to a bizarre halt, Zari Hassan has allegedly hooked up with a rich South African tycoon who is said to own a couple of gold mines to his name, another very successful man for that matter.

This ‘Mr.X’, who is still a mystery to us, has already assumed his place in the popular Ugandan socialite’s life by showering her with expensive gifts. In a post on Instagram, Zari confirmed that there’s a man in her post-Diamond life who even sent her flowers and an IPhone X on Valentine’s Day.

A close source to Zari, also a friend to Diamond, Millard Ayo shared some information about this ‘Mr.X’. He is a rich man with gold mines and even plans to relocate Zari and her children to live abroad.

Millard Ayo had this to say.

She does not waste time, does she?

Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz on the other hand has moved on, and could be falling back to his Ex Girlfriend Wema Sepetu. During an interview yesterday on his new establishment, Wasafi TV, he talked about his ‘new’ life and had a painted picture of Wema Sepetu on the wall of his office. Wema Sepetu has also been seen in company of Diamond Platnumz’s relatives and friends lately, especially Esma Khan and Harmonize.

Wema Sepetu in company of Team Wasafi.

This story is likely to take many more twists before it is put to bed, and we are here to keep you in the know.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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