Renowned comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado commonly known for his one man show dubbed “Man From Ombokolo” has wasted no time in bashing out the self proclaimed city tycoon Bryan White after he insulted the only Goodlyfe surviving member Weasle Manizo.

The whole verbal fight that has been trending on social media started when Weasle left the stage at one of the Bryan White Foundation occasions a thing that amused Bryan White since he was still on the podium speaking to the congregation.

The furious Bryan White lost his temper only to issue a warning to all the Bryan White Foundation signed artists never leave when he is still talking.

“No body leaves the podium before I do” Bryan White Warned.

This did not leave only the Goodlyfe Management angry but also touched the whole Entertainment fraternity calling it disrespect of the highest order.

Well Patrick Idringi Salvado took it to his social platform and if words could kill, Bryan White would be a dead man. Here is what he Posted;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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