Its like as long as Bebe Cool is still in the same music business with Eddy Kenzo, they will never make peace according to what is still going on in the media.

While on Dembe FM’s Talk and Talk Show at Bat Valley Theater with Eddy Sendi and Jenkins Mukasa, the Gagamel Boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool was hosted and during his interview he changed his shots to Eddy Kenzo.

When asked why a young boy like Eddy Kenzo has a house and Bebe Cool is still renting despite being more old than him, the “Wanti It” hit-maker Bebe Cool changed his guns to divert from the question by saying that if Eddy Kenzo was wise enough, he wouldn’t have gotten all Ugx 800Million and used it to buy a house.

In a long statement he said;

 ” If Edrisa had knowledge, he wouldn’t have bought an 800Million house but he would have planted maize and now he would be richer.” said Bebe Cool.

We don’t know what Eddy Kenzo will say about this but hopefully he will reply and we will keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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